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Workout Wednesday - Speedwork For 5K To Half Marathon Prep

This is one of my favourite track workouts, I will use this for athletes targeting races from a 5K to a half marathon. It is a longer workout but the speedwork is performed at a short, manageable pace with a small window of recovery and there is an added benefit in the extended cool down.

Additional mileage post-speedwork will force the body to recruit additional muscle fibres to help compensate for a taxed aerobic system. This is a simple way to build additional strength to deal with fatigue late in races.


1.5 miles of easy, steady jogging 4×50 meter strides 5 min of basic run drills

Main Set:

8-12 x 300 meters at a pace faster than your upcoming race pace with 100 meter easy jog in between (For faster than race pace, a half marathon runner targets 10K pace, a 10K runner targets 5K pace and a 5K runner targets 2-mile pace.)


2–3 miles easy pace (pay attention to form)

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