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What some of our athletes think

Competing at two world champs this year, and becoming competitive for many reasons in such a short span of time (12 months) would not have been possible without your patience, skill, and encouragement.

You really did work wonders, and with a rather limited time frame and limited contact.

You pushed me, taught me new things, taught me to achieve things I didn’t think were possible (i.e. I didn’t ever think I’d be close to a sub 19min 5km,,,, but man am I close!)

And that’s what a great coach does.  They teach people to believe in themselves and push them every step of the way until they reach what they never thought was possible.

Byron R, Australia

Duncan is vastly knowledgeable about triathlon, a lot of it built on his own racing experience (he has raced at the World Championships 3 times) and his approach is very thorough. He does not compromise on the access he affords to his clients and tunes into your personal circumstances in order to tailor your training around them. The enthusiasm and passion which he injects into his coaching is virtually limitless – if just a fraction rubs off on you, I guarantee training and racing will be that much more pleasurable (even 15×1 minute flat out reps on the turbo!).


Duncan is very committed to his coaching and he does expect that commitment to be reciprocated – but why would you go to the expense of hiring a coach if you’re not willing to follow the programme? With more time to work with, we’re already building towards 2017…

Richard Wevely,  Dubai

Duncan was recommended to me by a friend after I had spoken about a very disappointing Ironman. 


I had never had  a coach before and just relied on putting more and more hours, thinking this was the way to train for endurance. However, I was always fatigued and seeing a big drop in my performance.


After speaking to Duncan he promised he could deliver on three key goals: achieving my true potential; spending more quality time training with less hours; all around a much better family/work balance.


It was hard at first breaking old bad habits and sticking to Duncan’s training plan was a challenge for me, but slowly it started to make sense. Through the course of 12 months I’ve been on an incredible journey with Duncan. I’m now 48 years of age, but my form and fitness has never been better. My main goal was to better my performance at Ironman 70.3 UK, which I had first raced 5 years ago. Through Duncan’s brilliant skills as a coach, I managed to beat my previous effort by an hour. 


I also raced Ironman Lanzarote 70.3 a couple of months later and achieved a top 10 AG result with a career best time. I am now looking forward to seeing what I can achieve with Duncan in 2018.


Duncan has a truly unique talent in knowing the individual athlete’s capability and tailoring a training plan around their personal situation.


However, this is a two-way relationship and does require the athlete to be committed to following the programme. Train hard and race well.


I would recommend Duncan to any athlete or individual who is wishing to achieve their best

Nick C, Hertfordshire

Having done triathlon for a few years working my way up through the distances I decided it was time to sign up for Ironman. With my entry fee paid I had 6 months before the event and needed some structure and expert advice.


A friend recommended Duncan as someone who could get me to the start line in the best shape to get me round so I made contact and from our first phone call I knew Duncan understood my limits and was going to tailor a schedule to work with my strengths and weaknesses, building at the right tempo for me.


Above all it made me accountable to a plan that I trusted, all I needed to do was complete my sessions and I could feel my fitness changing and confidence rising.


Duncan was always ready to listen to any concerns and adapt the schedule and on the day I couldn’t wait to race.


Thank you Duncan, it was a team effort and I’m not sure I could have managed without him. Looking forward to IM Zurich in 2018 now and have asked Duncan to coach me towards this new goal.

Samantha T, Dorset

As a motivated age grouper, I knew that I needed the proper guidance if I was going to succeed as a triathlete at the elite level.


After emailing and calling around the U.S. and the Europe to several top coaches, Duncan was my first choice. Not only did his extensive athletic backgrounds and knowledge get my attention, but his unique determination to guide me to my goals really stood out.


He will go beyond the call of duty to provide their athletes with all of the tools necessary to achieve their goals and much more.


By tailoring a program specifically designed with the athletes goals in mind, achieving personal records and completing lifelong goals becomes possible no matter if you are a first timer or seasoned professional.

Darren B, Pro triathlete, Colorado

I was aware of the progress a friend had made working with Duncan and, with my preparations for Ironman Germany having stalled, thought I would try working under the guidance of a coach for the first time.

This proved to be a very wise move. In the limited training time available, I ended up setting a PB. But, of greater value, were the lessons in how to train and prepare for and then race an ironman (…I can’t say I always obeyed the lessons, but there was certainly no lack of guidance).

Carol Brown, Oxford

Right where to start. Being coached by Duncan over the last year has helped me grow as an athlete and as a person, because his ability to diagnose my physical and psychological limiters is in my opinion second to none!


His highly enthusiastic, focussed and driven nature provided me with a source of information and motivation which enabled me to follow the programme that Duncan had developed and resulted in multiple PB’s throughout the year, culminating in achieving a 5:09 70.3 which was right on target.


Take up the opportunity to be coached by Duncan (If there are any spaces left), you won’t regret it!”

Emily H, London

"When I was introduced to Duncan, the first thing he said to me was "I can give you a workout that's 40+ hours of training per week, but if you don't have the time to do it, you're wasting your money."


I knew right away that he understood the life of an age-grouper (ie, balancing family, work/travel, and training) and he was the coach for me! Living in a wired world, I always felt tightly connected to Duncan, and his ease of accessibility kept them right on top of my workouts, despite the 5,000 miles that separated us. All this is great, but working with a coach comes down to execution: after just three short months of working with Duncan, I raced at the USAT Olympic Distance Age Group National Championship and dropped over 5 minutes off my previous bike PR, while still having enough fitness to maintain a great run, despite 90 degree heat.


As I get "older" their structure of going very hard on the hard days while going very easy on the easy days has kept me injury free, and will hopefully add longevity to my sport.

Zoe Riddle, California

II've really enjoyed being coached by you,

I've never been an athlete before, and you made me feel like a proper sports person. I'm also very aware that my ironman would have been a much unhappier race without all of your support, advice and guidance, and I am very grateful for that.


Thanks for putting up with all of my complaining - and pretty much re-teaching me to swim! I've truly enjoyed it

Bryony, London

He is never too busy to respond to my innumerable questions and always goes the extra mile to exceed his client’s expectations. I know it is a bit of a cliché but his passion for all things triathlon is hugely infectious and I would whole heartedly recommend his services to anybody who needs advice, assistance, or a full coaching service.

Natalie Brown, London

I just wanted to drop you a note to thank you properly for the amazing job you have done in the last 6 weeks. Even though this is a very short time  to work your "magic" it is very clear just what a huge impact you have had on my training. 

The truth is I was very much in the dark and had no real plan for my training and certainly no race plan. I am delighted to have successfully completed the Ironman and you have played a huge role in getting me to the finish line.

Matthew P, Hertfordshire

Since signing on with SISU Racing, I set PBs in my last two Ironman races and qualified for Kona. They took my performance to the next level. Duncan gives first hand insight into training and racing. His personal racing experiences have been invaluable in my race preparations. As CEO of my own company, I have a limited amount of time to train. Duncan has improved my performance with a program designed around my tight schedule and helped me qualify for Kona.

Jenny Morgan, Zurich

Duncan is hands down the best coach I’ve worked with in my career as a triathlete. He helps keep me focused on what’s important, nudge me when necessary to keep the hammer down and make sure I’m having fun along the way. To have access to a 3 time world championsip qualifier and one of the top running coaches in the business is an incredible competitive advantage

Brian T, New York