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Bite Size - Spot The Triathlete

  • Wears the brightly coloured GPS watch to an evening formal social event or corporate executive meeting.

  • Can be seen in compression wear A LOT of the time. Compression full-length tights with a pair of shorts over is seen as standard street wear by some

  • Wears an Aero Helmet for an easy recovery ride that averages less than 30km/h

  • Will not travel without a transition bag on their backs

  • The hard-core will get THE tattoo. Even those that don’t like tattoos have thought about getting it at some stage of their triathlon careers

  • Will not do a swim set with a plain non-branded swim cap on. The swim cap used for their swim set has to have “meaning” to it so expect them to wear the race cap received at the last event they competed in or their go-to triathlon clothing brand.

  • Eats a lot ALL the time. 2nd and 3rd helpings are considered to be totally normal. One helping, on the other hand, is often seen as sacrilegious to the triathlon fraternity

  • They are willing to take a screen-shot of the GPS watch after a good session banked and post it on social media for all their training mates to see

  • Will use their wetsuit at an open water swim training session even when the water is warm and considered hot. The wetsuit “on” is a standard operating procedure for any swimming taking place outdoors

  • Have enough race war stories to tell that will keep them talking for hours on end. Even the total newbie can dissect their sprint race and almost turn it into a novel.

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