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Secrets to a successful triathlon race and season - Plan now

Specific, consistent, progressive training over time = Results

SISU Racing is the only triathlon coaching company to deliver personalised training plans that fit the demands and schedules of your busy life. We are anti-generic and have the results to prove it! Our athletes consistently set PR’s, win IRONMAN races, qualify for and podium at world championships.

With all of my pro athletes, we map out a multi-year progression focused on achieving their long-term goals. With that “progression” in mind, each year, the athletes may not be 100% peak readiness every time they hit a start line - the triathlon season is just too long, plus we do not want to compromise the year over year progression.

However, they are primed for their key races each year, while also developing a platform of strength, endurance and resilience that they can rely on for seasons to come. We like to build a catalogue of success and longevity.

At SISU Racing we take a similar perspective with amateur triathletes preparing for a season of races or for one KEY race.

SISU Racing triathlon training is planned around seasonal progression rather than preparing athletes for a series of individual races, training pinball-style from one race to another.

The triathlon training season is split into four separate phases that focus on athlete development both throughout the season, and year over year.

1. Pre-season (January - March)

2. Speed and Power (April - May)

3. Race-specific (June - October)

4. Post-season (October to December)

Pre-season is the phase that builds the resilience and endurance platform that we will depend upon throughout the season. In other words, training gets very REAL. We develop strength endurance on the bike via big gear intervals; and in running, we take to the hills to promote good form while also getting strong. Fitness gains typically come very quickly during this phase and it may well overlap with early season racing.

Speed and Power is a bridge phase that could be considered a sharpening period where athletes will convert the endurance established during pre-season training into race-readiness. Weekly sessions will diverge more dramatically in the level of intensity.

Supporting sessions will purposefully be on the lighter side so that the body is ready to hit the high intensity of key sessions each week. Fitness is boosted during this phase.

Race-specific phase is the period where athletes train specifically for the demands of their goal event(s). By this point in the training progression, the platform of physiology has been developed and athletes should be fit and strong.

While athletes may not get much fitter during this phase (the platform has been built in the preceding phases), it includes dress rehearsals with more race-specific intensity to attune the body for race day.

Post-season is a great time for slightly less structure in training; focus on skills development as well as an opportunity for a mental break with workouts that typically have lower physical AND psychological cost. The lower-stress workouts should not, however, be confused with not training. It’s a time to create positive habits, evolve bike fit and running form if necessary, while also preparing the body for the heavier training load of subsequent phases.

SISU Racing is the only triathlon coaching company to deliver personalised training plans that will get you ready for one race or many.

It is not too late to join us for this season. We will maximize your performance for 2019, but ensure that all the great work we establish this season will also provide a platform for even greater success in the seasons to come.

Join us today on your training journey and join the SISU Racing family!

If you are interested in learning more about SISU Racing training programs, take a look at our coaching options or email us at

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