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Workout Wednesday - Backwards Hill Repeats

I love this workout because it is unusual, running backwards, uphill and incredibly challenging, but it helps to reduce the risk of injury to the knees while incorporating speedwork.


5 mins of foam rolling 1 mile easy jog 10 mins of dynamic stretching

Main Set

Find a challenging hill warm up to the bottom. Face backwards up the hill. Set your watch for 30 minutes, and press the start button. For your first repeat, maintain a slower pace to get the feel for running in the opposite direction. For recovery, walk backwards to the bottom of the hill in order to continue to keep the pressure off of your knees (walk slowly for safety).

For the remaining hill repeats, try to maintain a slightly faster pace as you run uphill facing backwards—it’s easy to slow down as you approach the top of the hill but fight that urge and maintain your pace.

When your watch hits 30 minutes, stop and cool down.


5 mins of stretching

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