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Workout Wednesday - Early-Season Brick Session

The goal of this early-season brick is to ease your body back into running efficiently off the bike. It isn’t all about being fit, it’s equally important for your body to have the skill to run off the bike.

So this quick multiple brick workout is great to teach the body to get used to the feeling of working hard while switching between sports.

Athletes new to this style of training will be working hard during the last bike/run combo but don’t worry, the body will adapt and get more skilled at switching between sports in future workouts.


Bike: 10 min easy spin 2x(30 sec hard, 30 sec easy), 3 min easy

Main Set

Do 2x through:

Bike: 10 min at Olympic effort or greater

(Quickly put on running shoes

Run: 6 min at Olympic effort

Rest 4 min before getting back on bike


Bike: 5–10 min easy spin

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