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Workout Wednesday - High-Speed Cycling Session

I wholeheartedly advocate incorporating VO2 Max training, the 90–100 percent effort zone where maximal top speed gains are made especially for short course training.

With high-speed gains there are also high risks, making your warm-ups and cool-downs essential.

It’s best to do this session when you are most rested and will have the energy to hit your highest numbers for the week. The work-to-rest ratio needs ensure that you get maximal recovery after every interval.

For a well-trained athlete, that’s equal work to rest, but it may be more rest to make sure that you continue to hit the high numbers.


10 min easy spinning 3x(30 sec right leg only/30 sec both legs/30 sec left leg only/30 sec both legs) 2 min spin easy

Main Set

5×30 sec hard/30 sec easy 5×1 min hard/1 min easy 5×2 min hard/2 min easy 5×1 min hard/1 min easy 5×30 sec hard/30 sec easy

Cool-down to total time

10 mins easy spinning

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