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Bite Size - Gain Running Strength & Speed with Threshold Pace Workouts

If you want to become a stronger, faster and more powerful runner, than you should be including lactate threshold (LT) sessions into your running regime.

If you haven’t had an LT Test I’d recommend getting one to help you learn your training zones. Knowledge is power! If it’s not convenient to get an LT test now, then base your LT on your best 10km running pace.

Working at your threshold or LT pace requires much greater mental tenacity and fortitude. When you are running at your threshold pace your breathing rate rises, heart rate increases, leg muscles become slightly heavy due to the muscle acidity accumulation, balance, coordination are all under the supreme test. Training at your threshold also allows you to work through and become familiar with the stresses on race day as well.

Remember if you train your body and mind to become accustomed to these symptoms you’ll be better prepared than most of your competitors.

An added long-term benefit of LT training is not only tolerating the physiological and psychological variables noted above but also this type of training enhances your body’s “clearing” mechanism that handles high levels of lactic acid and converts it back to energy!

Quite often during racing in all three disciplines there are accelerations that will go above your threshold or LT pace. If you’ve done the training like the workout below, once you get back to your race pace, your clearing will work like magic!

You’ll feel ready and able to maintain your pace rather than be dropped.

This is simple and effective run session to use as a foundation to start training at your threshold pace. You’ll find you’ll become a stronger more economical runner if you stay consistent with this type of training.

Try to incorporate an LT/Threshold session once a week in your overall regime. I’ll be including additional threshold sessions in the coming weeks as well.

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