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Workout Wednesday - Bike Sprints To Failure

This workout can be done on the trainer, or out on the road.

If you do it on the road then just make sure you have cab money to get home!

I like this workout as it keeps that high-end speed and keeps you training at a high heart rate and power, when a lot of people tend to reduce that intensity during the winter.

I think still having at least one high intensity workout a week will keep you ready for harder efforts come the spring time!


3 min easy, small chain ring. 5 min big chain ring, gradually picking up the speed every minute until at about 80% of perceived effort. 5 min at 80–90% effort with the last 30 seconds at 100%. 2 minutes easy pedaling.

Main Set

5×6 min efforts with 2-min recoveries.

Efforts are as follows:

2 min at 85% 2 min at 100% 1 min at 110% 1 min at 120%


5 min easy spin. Cadence should be over 100 RPM.

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