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Christmas Gift Guide

Its that time of year again where you are starting to look at getting that special gift for the Triathlete in your life or perhaps you just want to treat yourself?

Either way we've complied a range of ideas and gifts that anyone in Triathlon or Multi-sport would be happy receive.

HUUB Altair Swim Goggle £49.99

The world’s only goggles with three different lenses, designed to give you razor sharp vision in different light conditions. So now you simply swap the lens to match your need. It’s the little things that make a difference.

Lens: Highest Grade Poly-Carbonate

Gasket: Soft, flexible and no pressure feel Silicone

Nose Piece: PU, 3 interchangeable bridges for custom fit

3 mirrored lens for reduced glare and comfort. U.V protection

Yellow Mirror: Perfect for lowlight, dusk swims and to help spot swim buoys

Silver Mirror: The ideal pool, artificial light or early morning swim lens

Black Mirror: For strong sunlight and bright days

NormaTec PULSE Recovery System - £2,999.99

The 2018 NormaTec PULSE is the ultimate in athlete recovery. NormaTec uses patented compression technology to enhance the body’s natural ability to recover.

Using NormaTec’s full-length compression boots before or after training boosts circulation, conquers soreness, flushes out lactate, decreases inflammation, and increases range of motion.

Invented by an MD, PhD and perfected by professional athletes, the NormaTec PULSE Series is the go-to recovery system for the world’s best athletes

Lock Laces £ 3.99

Every triathlete we know goes through a few pairs of Elasticated each year.

You can’t go wrong by spending £5 on a pair for your favourite triathlete and they come in almost every colour imaginable.

CEP Nighttech calf sleeves £ 29.99

The eye-catching colour reflector dots turn heads and keep you highly visible even when you run in the dark.

The targeted medi compression stabilizes your calves, gives you a boost of energy and helps you recover faster. Another practical feature is the ability to pair the sleeves with different socks.

Transition bags – KitBRIX £ 47.99

The KitBrix Bag provides an easy and organised means of storing your kit on the go, no matter what you have lined up for the day's activity. KitBrix's unique joining zips allow you to connect this bag to any other in the range so you can be ready for any activity combination.

Inside the bag, the double lined, wipe clean tarpaulin is more than capable of standing up to the rigours of kit storage. There are also internal security pouches and transparent pockets that are smartphone friendly so all of your valuables remain protected.

Roka Phantom glasses £144.99

Whoever said you can’t have style and function didn’t know about these, in a year they’ve won more awards than almost anything else in the eyewear market, they weigh next to nothing at 20g and feature more cutting-edge technology than almost any other pair of glasses you can buy.

The triathlete in your life will love these and so will you!

Garmin 935XT £ 469.99 - £499.99

The long awaited Garmin Forerunner 935 is designed specifically for sports fanatics to monitor and improve training and Racing. Capturing accurate data, specific to your activity, the 935 offers immediate performance evaluation to enhance techniques.

Garmin Forerunner 935 has built-in activity profiles for a multitude of sports to meet your needs, including running, cycling, swimming, cross-country, trail running, hiking, strength training and many more.

From brick workouts to triathlons, the auto multisport feature lets you switch sports with just one press of a button.

It’s a great watch that has great integration with almost all the popular training platforms and can be customised as well.

Varia™ UT800 Smart Headlight £ 149.99

Yes there are lots of lights out there, yes there are some very bright ones but few come close to Garmin Varia’s that’s visible in daylight from more than 1 mile away and lasts at full beam for 1.5 hours.

With 5 light modes, including high, medium, low, night flash and day flash it’s a great light that will ensure you or the Triathlete in your life stays safe and visible.

Zoggs Fogbuster Lens Cleaner £ 4.99

Most googles come with an Anit fog coating but they do wear off quickly. Rather than use the tried and tested saliva technique invest in the Zoggs Fogbuster and never have misty goggles again!

A combined Lens cleaner and antifog solution, Zoggs Fogbuster Lens Cleaner is designed for use on both the inside and outside of goggle lenses. Easy to use, fast acting.

Zoot Ultra Flexwind gloves £ 24.00

I love these, I really do, they keep your digits toasty and when it gets really cold you can pull over the extra cover and wear it like a mitt.

These come with reflective detailing, a handy soft material on the top of the thumb for swiping away the runny nose, all in they work.

Bodyglide Skin Formula starting at £ 7.99

Not what you are thinking.. Your triathlete will have used this as it makes getting the wetsuit off easier and quicker, not only that it stops parts fo eth body chaffing and no one wants that right? Its available in both women’s and men’s versions and different sizes too, perfect for a stocking filler.

The balm is designed to protect you from chafing & skin irritation where clothing comes into close contact with skin

Natures Kiss Recovery £ 11.99

This stuff is like magic in a pot, A massage cream created to aid athletic recovery - essential part of any training/racing schedule - optimise muscle recovery and ease general body fatigue.

Smooth some on and after a few hours the aches and pains will melt away, smells great too!

Crank Brothers 19 Function Multi Tool £ 26.99

Never let your partner get stranded again with this multi tool, it has so many tools squeezed into a great small space that even Sergeant Bosco "B. A." Baracus

would want to carry one.

It features a durable but lightweight steel and aluminium construction and comes with a stainless steel carrying case. With a selection of 19 tools, you can take on a wide variety of trail-side repairs.

Oh and its gold!

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