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10 Thoughts every triathlete has whilst using an indoor trainer

Getting on your turbo is a love/hate experience. Unfortunately with the colder weather we experience in the beginning months of the year it's a necessity.

So as you sit there contemplating what life choices brought you to the point where you intentionally choose to spin and sweat in a cold room, a few of these thoughts will probably cross your mind.

1. What should I watch this time? After binge watching an entire series on your favourite streaming service you are running out of things to watch.

2. Exactly 54 minutes and 43 seconds until I can get off Some rides fly by, others drag on from the very start.

3. Why is this so hard? Must be a problem with bluetooth, or the wattage is reading low. It’s probably because you haven’t oiled your chain in a bit. It has nothing to do with your legs though.

4. Should you stop to grab your sweat towel off the ground? You can see it, it’s right there, just barely out of reach, you can almost keep pedalling and grab it if you just lean forward a little bit…Inevitably you knee yourself in the face and have to unclip to grab it and clean up that nose bleed.

5. Is the fan in the perfect position? Maybe if you adjust your fan a few cm's would it cool you off a tiny bit more? Surely I don’t sweat this much when I am out riding?

6. If I stop now will people on Strava or Zwift notice? Best to imagine that everyone will notice, that way you have to keep going.

7. What should I eat when I finish? Your fridge is calling your name as you finish that last interval.

8. How has it only been 90 seconds? According to expert scientists, 90 seconds at 200% of FTP is the equivalent of two hours in earth time.

9. Should I try and read that email I just got? It looks sort of important, but you only have 5 minutes left in the workout so it can probably wait…

10. Just one more interval... Just one more and you are done.. you've got this!

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