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Bite Size - How Triathlete are you?

Quiz: How Triathlete Are You?

Can everyone tell by looking at you that you’re a triathlete? Or are you more low-key?

Take this quiz to find out!

Scoring: For every statement you answer ‘Yes’ to, award or deduct points as shown. If you answer ‘no’, do nothing.


Yes or No: I run or bike to work at least once a week (+5)

Yes or No: I am always eating on the job (+5)

Yes or No: I never miss out on cake/cheat Fridays (-10)

Yes or No: I wear lycra under my work clothes for a fast transition to lunch workouts (+15)

Yes or No: My coworkers know every split – including T1 and T2 – of my last tri. I made sure of it. (+10)

Yes or No: My coworkers know my FTP (+20)


Yes or No: I get up after 7 a.m. (-15)

Yes or No: I like to ride in pelotons (-20)

Yes or No: I keep an extra pair of run shoes, run clothes, swim gear, and spin clothes in my car at all times (+10)

Yes or No: What’s a rest day? (+20)

Yes or No: I don’t wear a watch (-10)

Yes or No: My watch beeps at me when I’m out of my heart rate zones (+10)


Yes or No: I log all of my meals online for my coach to see (+20)

Yes or No: I like beer (+0)

Yes or No: I can eat out anywhere without making any special requests whatsoever (-20)

Yes or No: I’ve cooked my own bars (+10)

Yes or No: I know what “WOD” stands for (-10)


Yes or No: I have a bike set up on a trainer at all times (+5)

Yes or No: It takes me more than 30 seconds to access my bike and wetsuit (-10)

Yes or No: My bathtub is my swim gear bin (+5)

What’s in my garage? Cars (-15) Bikes (+5) Bikes + TV + Trainer (+10) College memorabilia (-5) Race posters, numbers, and medals (+15)


100-195 Triathlete AF

You exude triathlete out of every immaculately shaved pore. The fact that this quiz has negatives and goes to 195, instead of 200, bothers you. Add 5.

0 to 100 Tri-Casual

You love the benefits, good health, great legsbut still, like, do other stuff too. Go you, you gorgeous triathlete multitasker.

-130 to 0 Tri-Curious

You accidentally stumbled across this quiz while googling something totally unrelated. That’s cool. Find someone from one of the categories above and start your triathlon adventure!

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