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Workout Wednesday - Best Time Trial Cycling Intervals

The main set features intervals at your best time trial effort.

Build throughout the rep to your best effort.

This should be challenging! Do not set limits from previous numbers, go by feel. Some days you might be super strong, others a little less.

The key is that it’s your best possible TT effort today.

Warm-up 5–10 min 5 min progressive: Start in a gear that gives you about 60% effort. Each 1 min for five min, click up one gear harder so that you work up to 80% for the last min. 2 min easy

Main Set

These are high intensity time trials at 85–95 RPM on rolling terrain, with a 2:1 work rest ratio. The goal is to work on pacing, technique and rhythm with effort. 2×6 min/3 min easy 5 min recovery 2×6 min/3 min easy 5 min recovery 2×6 min/3 min easy


Easy to reach one hour.

How did you get on? Let me know on Twitter or Facebook

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