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Workout Wednesday - Push Your Engine Then Recover

Running requires enough time to be durable and to have the engine to support your goals, and rewards economical and efficient movements that require coordinated muscular activations but it also punishes you if you overdo any of the work.

This session is designed as one that lets you push your engine, but also includes enough recovery to be able to keep pushing that engine appropriately during other parts of the week.

Warm-up 15 min warm up, focus on cadence first

Main Set

3 x 30 sec stride, 90 sec easy (strides are an acceleration from your steady pace to a fast, smooth effort) 10 min build over the first 5 min to tempo/10k effort, hold for 5 min at 10k effort, then right into 3 x (30 sec FAST, 30 sec easy or walk) 5 min easy effort 10 min all 10 min tempo/10k effort, again, right into 3 x (:30 FAST, :30 easy or walk)

Cool down Easy effort to round out the hour, re-focusing on cadence and adding attention to posture

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