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Time Trialling plan - 4 weeks

SISU Racing 4-week time trial training plan is aimed primarily at riders who have completed our advanced/intermediate Plan and are looking for a final racing specific lead in to their first event of the season. If you have not been following one of our plans but are keen to target some time trials, this plan could still be suitable for you.


However, you will need to have trained consistently through a base period of training and built a solid strength and endurance base. Don’t be tempted to leap into these relatively high intensity workouts as a get-fit short cut. If you haven’t put the base work in then you will be risking potential injury and slipping into a state of overtraining.


You should look to invest time in a structured plan to build the required base, such as our foundation plan, postpone trying to develop race fitness and maybe adopt a more structured approach. The peak volume of this plan is seven and a half hours. This may be significantly less than the volume you have been used to during your base period, but the aim of this plan is to develop form, not accumulate fatigue.


As the four weeks progress, volume decreases as the intensity rises. The higher intensity sessions provide strong training stimuli for your body to adapt to but won’t tire your legs in the same way that longer rides can. By the end of the fourth week you will be sharp, tapered and race ready.


SISU Racing Online Training Plans are super time-efficient, easy to follow, and based on the most cutting-edge training methods.


What You Get

  • A personal training calendar powered by TrainingPeaks.
  • Log workouts and analyze heart rate, power, pace and other data.
  • Receive optional daily workout notifications via e-mail.
  • Upload your workouts from over 90 compatible devices.
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