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Sprinters specific racing plan - 4weeks

SISU Racing's 4-week Sprint plan is designed for Intermediate/Advanced riders who want a sprinting specific conditioning block leading into the season.


If you have not been following one of our training plans but are keen to target some circuit races, this plan could still be suitable for you. You will however need to have trained consistently through the winter and built a solid strength and endurance base.


Don’t be tempted to leap into these relatively high intensity workouts as a get fit short cut. If you haven’t put the base work in over the winter, you will be risking potential injury and slipping into a state of overtraining. You should look to invest time in a structured plan to build the required base, such as our foundation plan, postpone trying to develop race fitness and maybe adopt a more structured approach next winter.


What will it give me?

This plan is designed to give you the necessary fitness for typical 50-minute to one hour closed circuit races. Each week there is a threshold level workout, which will give you the ability to hold a relatively high intensity for a sustained period of time.


The second session is of a higher intensity, giving you the ability to bridge a gap or make a break. The main weekend session is a longer ride for endurance but will also contain higher intensity race specific efforts. With these three sessions, you will develop the fitness to hold your own in a circuit race.


The bonus session each week is more sprint focussed, giving you that acceleration out of the corners and a winning sprint.


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What You Get

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