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First Timer 24 week 100 mile ultramarathon Plan

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This plan is designed for those running their first 100 mile ultramarathon with the goal of finishing the race.


These mileages should be considered a minimum for completing the race and running should take place on terrain similar to the chosen race. The mileages don’t need to be exact, convert them to hours of running at your pace, if you prefer.


Days of the week can be changed as well, just be sure to do the back-to-back runs on consecutive days. Training for a 100 mile ultramarathon is a seemingly impossible task for most runners to get their head wrapped around.


Admittedly, these races tend to draw a fringe group of runners, widely considered to have more than a few screws loose. But those willing to train hard and prepare intelligently will not find a more accepting, helpful, laid-back group of runners with which to develop friendships.


Many an ultramarathon has been saved by the kind words or helpful advice of a stranger when all hope seemed to be lost. But beware, those who cross over to the dark side rarely return to “regular” running.


SISU Racing Online Training Plans are super time-efficient, easy to follow, and based on the most cutting-edge training methods.


What You Get

  • A personal training calendar powered by TrainingPeaks.
  • Log workouts and analyze heart rate, power, pace and other data.
  • Receive optional daily workout notifications via e-mail.
  • Upload your workouts from over 90 compatible devices.
  • View workouts on the go with free apps for iPhone or Android.
  • Training Resources and advice from TrainingPeaks.