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Cycling Foundation plan - 12weeks

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The 12-week SISU Racing Cycling foundation plan is perfect for intermediate and advanced riders who are looking to build on their base fitness.


Whether your goals for the season are sportive, road races or time trials, this structured plan will help you to lay down the essential foundations for success in the season. You should already be capable of comfortably completing a 100 km (60 mile) ride and regularly logging five-to-six hours of riding time per week.


If you are not currently at this level, you should start by following the beginner plan we have built.


How much training is involved? The training weeks are typically broken down into three rides, one mid-week and two at the weekend, two cross training sessions and two rest days. Days can be swapped to fit the plan around your life. Training hours start at around seven hours per week and peak at 11 hours per week. Throughout this plan, you will typically find a ride scheduled for both days over the weekend. We are aware that for many riders, with family and other commitments, getting out for two long rides isn’t possible.


If this applies to you, there are guidelines available on your options for restructuring the plan. SISU Racing Online Training Plans are super time-efficient, easy to follow, and based on the most cutting-edge training methods.


What You Get

  • A personal training calendar powered by TrainingPeaks.
  • Log workouts and analyze heart rate, power, pace and other data.
  • Receive optional daily workout notifications via e-mail.
  • Upload your workouts from over 90 compatible devices. View workouts on the go with free apps for iPhone or Android.
  • Training Resources and advice from TrainingPeaks.
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