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4 weeks to a stronger spine

Stop back pain from comprimosing your perfromance with this 4-week training and stretching plan


A STRONG, well-conditioned spine is a priority for any athlete looking to avoid back pain. But it’s especially important for triathletes in order to cope with the volume and diversity of demands placed upon them by training and racing. As a physiotherapist working with triathletes, I’ve noticed many common problems with specific muscle groups getting weak or tight. This training plan will give you the basic requirements to keep your back in the best condition for the sport. We’ll go through some simple stretches, exercises and drills all aimed at preparing your back to swim, bike and run.


The plan has a dual purpose – it’s intended to prevent injury, but also optimise your performance.


Your back needs to do different things in each of the triathlon disciplines. In the swim your back is needed to help you stay in a streamlined position and balance your  stroke. On the bike it’s what allows you to achieve an aero position and for the run it’s key to the biomechanics of running economically. Due to the complex nature of the spine, pain can originate from a number of different structures. If you suffer from any form of back pain (intermittent or ongoing), it’s vital you see a GP or physio to get a diagnosis and prescriptive rehab programme. You should also ensure that continuing to train isn’t detrimental to your recovery.


If you’ve been diagnosed with mechanical lower back pain or just feel that your back is your weak spot, the tips in this plan should help. 


You will recive a Free Training Peaks account from which you can view the plan remotely on up too 300 devices.