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10 Week 5K Open Water Swim training plan - advanced

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This 10 week advanced programme has been designed to take you through the build up period, increase endurance, understand and achieve your required event pace, and specify periods of recovery to allow your body to adapt to the training regime and as such, increase your performance!


All distances, pace times and rest intervals are offered as a guide only – please feel free to go at your own pace!


However, for those people who want to be challenged, the programmes o er various interval pace times and session durations set against the goal times.


Best wishes for your challenge SISU Racing Online Training Plans are super time-efficient, easy to follow, and based on the most cutting-edge training methods.


What You Get

  • A personal training calendar powered by TrainingPeaks.
  • Log workouts and analyse heart rate, power, pace and other data.
  • Receive optional daily workout notifications via e-mail.
  • Upload your workouts from over 90 compatible devices.
  • View workouts on the go with free apps for iPhone or Android.
  • Training Resources and advice from TrainingPeaks.