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Wednesday Workout - Race Strong Run Finish

Do you fall flat towards the end of your run when you’re racing? Or are you looking to have a strong kick at the finish to put the hurt on your competitors? Then give this run session a try.

This Session is a 60 minute session that will test your speed and aerobic economy. It elevates your fast twitch muscle fibers to help promote better balance, symmetry and good form at the end of the race.

If you’re gearing up for an “A” race, then implement this session 1 to 2 times per week for 3 to 7 weeks before your triathlon.

To add variety, feel free to alternate the repeats between uphill and flat terrain.

Warm Up

8 min

Set 1

8 x 1 min gradual build up to 800 meter pace

Rest Interval (RI) 30 sec jog

Include slightly hilly terrain or 3 percent incline on the treadmill to get your calves and Achilles ready for the main set.

Main Set

2 x 55 sec

RI 1 min easy easy jog or downhill if using a hill segment

6 x 35 sec

RI 1 min

Easy for 5 min and repeat the entire set 3 times.

After repeating the above 3 times, hold 15 min at an aerobic pace. Note your pace, heart rate and maintain that beautiful running gait.

Cool Down

5 min

Let me know how you got on either through Twitter or FB

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