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Workout Wednesday - Train For Your Swim Race Distance

We designed this swim workout for Olympic or half-Ironman athletes who want to train specifically for the distance of their race.

Most age group triathletes do a fine job of training specifically for their race when bike and run training,

However, the same specificity is consistently lacking in their training plans in the water. I see very few athletes swimming longer distance, aerobic sets that parallel the race distance they’re training for.

This workout allows athletes to build on their aerobic base while intermittently pushing threshold pace during a continuous swim. If you’re training for an Ironman, just double the main set.


300 easy6×50 drills of choice100 easy, form-focused

Main Set

5×200 (sprint the first and last 50 of each 200, moderate efforts in between), 20 sec rest1000 (sprint the last 25 of each 100), 30 sec rest if doing two sets)


300 easy

3000 total as is, doubling the main set is 4000 total

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