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Workout Wednesday - “Tired” Swimming

Being in the water for a long period of time can be exhausting especially for long course athletes. But even though you’re tired, you still need to bike and run afterwards. I

like programming this workout because it forces the athlete to have to swim on tired arms, while remaining focused on proper form and technique.

The workout is 1700 plus a 5–10 minute cool-down, increase the meters of both the warm-up and main set to make it fit your training needs.

Warm-up 300 easy swim, increasing pace each 100 4×25 drill 4×25 hard efforts

Main Set 4×100 all-out effort (30 sec recovery between each) 2×200 all-out effort (30 sec recovery between each) 1×400 all-out effort, swam at your sprint-distance pace

Cool-down 5–10 min easy swimming, including kicking and pulling drills.

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